Giving back

I have loved the NFB of Canada, (National Film Board) productions since I was a child. I felt intensely proud to be Canadian and that we had our own movies. Then I grew older and realized what they did down in Hollywood, yeah the Americans made a bunch of movies too.

As I now fly around the world, as much as possible on Air Canada planes, it is still with pride that I always try to watch an NFB film. I recently enjoyed “Force Of Nature, the David Suzuki movie. (In my movie page, there is a full review). Last week, I was lucky enough to choose “Hannah’s Story“, about a girl from Winnipeg who created the Ladybug Foundation.

Her interest in the homeless began at age 5. During the filming of the movie she was about 11 and has since travelled all over Canada giving talks about homelessness. Her foundation has raised over 2 million dollars and a facility in Winnipeg have built an emergency bed shelter in her name. She volunteers her time, her creativity and most of all her heart. She hugs everyone she meets

I came across this story for a reason. Just last week I suggested to my son that he read about children who have become published authors for personal inspiration. While that will still be on his objectives list, driving towards his goal of raising his creative writing grade, this girl Hannah can provide something else.

It is people like Hannah, who inspire us all to become better and push us forward. She has achieved and given more back to society than most people will do in a lifetime. And if I can show my children inspiration like this, they too can feel what that does to your heart. Similar to the main character in the Christmas movie “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas” where his heart grew 3 sizes that day. That precious feeling of inspiration, the reason we steel ourselves to achieve a difficult goal, even when the going gets tough. That is some of the good stuff.

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