Simple things

My son won hockey tickets in a raffle draw at the Christmas concert last year. His luck was helped by my husband who bought many tickets with his name on it. Neither of my children knew the details and by the time we all met up, my daughters friends had convinced her that there would be 3 tickets and that she too would be able to attend.

Of course the disappointment in learning that she would not be watching Luongo play and that tickets always came in equal numbers, was a hard early life lesson. I decided that she could come with me to the hair salon and we would have a girls night out.

I’m not sure what she imagined would happen at the salon, but tonight was our appointment. Girls to a night of primping and pampering and the boys out to watch sport. Couldn’t be more stereotypical. But this morning she was still happy with the arrangement.

I will say now, that I should have brought a snack. We were parking the car at 3pm and didn’t return until 6pm. Three hours is a long time to wait when a snack was in order to start with. But other than proclaiming she was starving at about 5pm, she was a trooper.

My daughters cut lasted about 30 minutes. She was asked if she wanted her hair washed and the reply was, “sure”. She was quite confident in guiding the stylist on all the other details of her hair and that “she was growing it out”.

Afterwards, my daughter told me that she really had wanted her hair washed and that was the best part. She was in the reclining wash chair enjoying the feeling of the warm water and having someone rub nice smelling things into your scalp.

Much more, afterwards, when we were at home, unpacking the back pack from school, my daughter confessed that she had not eaten her sandwich or her grapes. She would have been famished by 6pm. Which is why she was able to eat half of the appetizer, 2 slices of bread, her entrée and all her ice cream.

But the best part of the rather expensive evening was getting her hair washed – the simple things in life.

One thought on “Simple things

  1. Margie says:

    If you could figure out exactly what she likes about getting her hair washed, it would be helpful information. I can’t remember how long she want between hair washes at the cabin last summer, but it was a long time!

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