The miracle of flight

There is a video on YouTube by Louis C.K., where he describes, (among other things) the miracle of human flight. Since I first watched this piece about a year ago, I have tried to look at flying differently. Now I focus on all the good things about flying, no matter which flight, or airline, or class of service I find myself in.

What I have found is, if you act like you want to be treated, that is exactly what will happen. A colleague of mine whom I travel with, does this all the time. He asks nicely for just about anything, including upgrades, better seats, etc. and more often than not he gets it. Even, just by talking very nicely to the flight attendants, he gets better service with a smile.

Somehow, along the way, many of us have forgotten how to be nice to people in all the service sector jobs. We somehow expect them to be nice to us first, because we are the customers after all. I have found that the fastest way to a better experience is to be nice first.

And every once in a while, take a look out the window and enjoy the view!

View of Vancouver - airplane window

2 thoughts on “The miracle of flight

  1. Margie says:

    All good points! It doesn’t take much effort to thank each and every service person who crosses your path! I don’t understand why some people treat them like they are invisible.

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