Meat is protein

My husband feels that meat provides the best source of protein, which he requires to fuel his body and he likes to eat meat anyway, so don’t confuse him with protein-from-plants arguments. Friday was a bad day for him.

I stumbled upon a cookbook from the library called, “Blue Eggs and Yellow Tomatoes, Recipes from a modern kitchen garden”, by Jeanne Kelley. (Click on the link and the author has a great website and blog!)

I take out many, many books from the library. Rarely, however do I stumble across something like this! It is a treasure. I was only half way through the book yesterday, picking out recipes that are easily made, that include ingredients my whole family will like, and that I have time to make this week!

And so dinner came to be served last night.

  • Page 59 Cauliflower and parsnip soup
  • Page 128 Bacon and onion pizza
  • Salad

My husband sat down to dinner and explained, with a certain amount of sorrow in his voice, that he “only” had a vegetable panini for lunch. Evidently he bellied up to the lunch bar at work late and only the veggie combinations were left. There were roasted peppers, green stuff and probably no cheese. He claimed to still be hungry. My daughter asked, “what did you have for breakfast?” A granola bar and 2 apples, no meat.

After 2 bowls of soup, maybe 1 slice of pizza and 1/2 a plate of salad he was done his vegetarian day and resigned to the fact. (I’m sure it crossed his mind that I was somehow supposed to know what he had for lunch and tailor dinner plans accordingly.)

My son reminded him that the pizza had bacon sprinkled on it.

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