Fresh fish

When dining in Oslo, Norway one would expect fresh fish. But to have that fish prepared according to the exacting standards of the Japanese, famed to be the best sushi house outside of Japan, and located across the street from our usual hotel? Now that is something.

Alex Sushi is the place. Unless you read Norwegian, this link won’t help you, but let me give an account of a typical “Alex” night.

The set menu is divided into colors, starting with red and ending in black. Then at the very top is “ichiban”, which is basically letting the chef prepare whatever he wants, with an impressive price tag to match. I have had all the colors, but have not experienced “ichiban”. Something to look forward to.

  • The black menu starts out with personal sashimi:

  • Typical second course, (each person):

  • Third course adds some whale sashimi, (far left and right) – don’t find that in every sushi house. This is also a large shared platter that I have kind of cut-off in the photo:

  • Fourth course finishes up with rolls:

I apologize that these are low light photo’s taken on my iPhone, but they also have a quality to them. That would be the slight fuzzy feel one has after great food and drinks with really fantastic company!

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