Personal legend

I first read the book called “The Alchemist”, by Paulo Coelho while on holiday in Mexico a couple of years ago. Over the past few months, I have been waiting for the CD version to come available from the library. Finally it was my turn. The reading was done by Jeremy Irons, who did an amazing job.

When I read the book, I remember feeling a stir of emotion around the idea of finding and living a personal legend. And then, the holiday was over, we left the blissfully sunny days beside the Sea of Cortez and arrived home to snow. The usual rush of life, during the run up to Christmas took over.

This time round, I tried to really listen to the ideas presented in the text, for I now knew the general storyline. I should say that I listen to books on CD while in my car on the drive to work. However, even while inching along in traffic, the mind can wander. I think one more listen will be in order.

There is an interesting distinction made between people. Some are fully aware of what they want in life, but would rather dream about it because nothing in life could live up to the dream they have created in their minds. There are a few people, however, that go after their dreams. They eventually conquer every obstacle and get what they wanted.

The reason, it seems, that so few people really go for it, is fear. As I listened to the words and pondered my own thoughts, I would have to agree, fear is a pesky little feeling. It starts small, maybe like a reasonable voice of caution, but it spreads like a cancer. But overcoming fear, when we have become so used to submitting to it, is no easy task.

Interestingly enough, Paulo Coelho has a great blog where he gives ideas about realizing your personal legend. This is a great resource to help get you going on the right path. I will be completing these exercises this weekend. And I’ll let you know if I make in progress in beating down fear.

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