288 plants

That is how many I will have if everything germinates for each divided spot in the seedling trays. Some have many tiny seeds in each spot, but some seeds are really old and won’t come up at all.

But still, that could be a lot of plants to deal with in 6 weeks time.

It is not the first time I have over done it. Once the seeds are sprouting into a plant, I am done. I cannot kill a plant. It has to be potted up in my greenhouse into a bigger pot, labelled and brought along until the weather is reliably warm. Then I have to find a home for everything, whether it is in my garden or not.

We once rented a house that was located on a working orchard. It was the original family house and there was a huge garden in the back. I planted tomatoes that amounted to over 200 pounds of fruit. My dear friend came to my house and processed most of it for me, while I was away on a business trip in Asia. If she had not done so, most of that crop would have been lost.

This year I have planted a bunch of different things:

  • a full tray of flowers with 36 possible marigold plants, (my husband loves them)
  • half a tray of onions and exotic herbs
  • almost a full tray of tomatoes, about 8 different kinds
  • 4 different basil varieties
  • 6 artichoke plants, which I really hope are going to the garden

It is going to take a good deal of organization and strict time management to keep up the garden this season. Or I’ll give most of the seedlings away. We’ll see.

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