My English fry-up

In honor of my trip today, where I am passing through Heathrow so quickly I won’t have time for the traditional fry-up, I made my version.

Usually, I try to make things as close as possible to the original. I find the recipe to taste better that way. But I have 2 other voices in my head now. The instructor of my Whole Foods Workshop, who is kindly moving us away from so many animal products, and Barbara Kingsolver, whose sing-song, sweet voice is urging me to think local, in-season as well.

Local Vancouver fry-up

  • BC mushrooms, fried in Avalon Dairy butter with parsley from my garden
  • Washington State onion, slowly caramelized in butter
  • Local butcher shop, in-house made apple sage pork sausage
  • Local free run chicken eggs
  • Local greenhouse heirloom baby tomatoes
  • Toast made from Choices in-house, organic, whole wheat bread

The problems here that need to be resolved, at some point are:

  1. The local butcher is not using grass finished animals, they are most surely finished on feed lots. I have found a source for the “good stuff”, several local farmers are finishing pork and beef on grass. We have to choose one and place the order for July delivery. Then we have to work with the cuts we get in a 1/4 of a cow, for example. (100 to 150 lbs dressed weight).
  2. The egg package says the chickens have access to outside pasture. That can mean a door that is never opened. Again, local farmers are abundant for no more than the $5 a carton we pay in the grocery store, without ever seeing the farm ourselves.
  3. The tomatoes are completely out of season, I know. But they taste great and our local greenhouses are heated by BC Hydro. However, I’m not sure if these greenhouses are organic.
  4. It would be better to make my own bread from flour that is local. Or to be sure that Choices is doing the same. I need to do a bit more research about flour in the lower mainland.

Many baby steps in a better direction, but so many more to go. What I am discovering is a whole new world out there. Great tasting, local, organic choices all around me, I’ve never taken the time to look for. The most I have done is support Mary’s Garden, but she is not open yet. (I drove by yesterday).

It will be a good year for processing the fresh choices we have all summer. Winter need not be the depressing food shopping that it is for me now. I’ll have cupboards and freezers full of good stuff.

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