Last week-end while I was working in the back garden, I cut a bunch of pear tree limbs and gathered them into a vase. My daughter thought that the buds would open into flowers, pretty quickly.

Quick, as any Mother knows, is relative.

My husband expressed concern mid-week that these “twigs” were a bit of a monstrosity in our little kitchen/dining room. He of little faith.

In the expected time, (by me anyway), the buds have started to unfurl. Now my daughter and husband think these “twigs” were a good idea. In another few days they will be an early glimpse of the showy fruit tree display that is still 4 to 6 weeks away.

Since the weather forecast for Vancouver is rain, rain, rain next week, these delicate blossoms will be a welcome reminder that Summer will indeed follow the showers of Spring.

One thought on “Twigs

  1. Margie says:

    The twigs look wonderful. I’ll have to cut some willow twigs when it stops snowing. Your dad is in Vancouver for the day. I thought about flying out with him and spending a few days in downtown Van again, but when we looked at the weather report, I decided to stay home.

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