Kids theatre

I have posted many times why I like live theatre. But my experience, for the most part, is professional live theatre.

On Friday, my husband attended a matinée of “A Midsummer’s Night Dream”, performed by pre-teens. We happened to be very familiar with 2 of the children actors. But, according to the daily reports, these drama students had not even started their speaking part practice until Thursday.

So it was going to be interesting.

We arrived at the appointed time to the venue – The Surrey Arts Centre. This is an amazing building which is helping to create and showcase art of various forms in the City of Surrey.

The actors were running behind for the 2pm start. So we were directed over to the concession. Just like at “real” theatre events there was a full choice of items, including alcohol. So I went for the last glass of Township 7 Chardonnay.

As my husband and I chatted, enjoyed the art in the building and guessed what the performance would be like, it felt like any other pre-theatre build up.

All the kids were wonderful. They ran around with paper scripts and needed prompting, but they were having a blast and it showed. The Director was a gracious woman who showered them with praise. My kids concluded that this was the best camp they had ever been to.

2 thoughts on “Kids theatre

  1. Margie says:

    Sounds like it was a lot of fun!
    We went to The Blue Man Group yesterday afternoon at the Jube. Lots of memories for us at that Auditorium, but we certainly never say anything quite as full of audience participation there before! I expect you have lots of memories of the place too!

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