Kitchen scents

My son said, “when you were away, the kitchen didn’t smell like anything“. I took that as a huge compliment, since our kitchen has been producing a different, wonderful smell since I arrived back to Canada on Thursday afternoon.

As I was stuck on the plane home from Heathrow, delayed by an hour on the ground and another on the plane, I kept an image of my kitchen in my mind. Kind of like a mantra, but it was a feeling conjured up from the senses, rather than words.

There is nothing, to get over jet lag, like jumping right back into your life at home. For me, it was a trip to “Choices“. I had picky eater #1 to consider, so I eased back into my cooking so as not to shock her. We had pasta with my canned tomatoes. Garlic bread and an easy salad. But the food item that always puts a smile on her face is chocolate. So we had ganache to finish off.

Yesterday, I spent some quality time planning, shopping and preparing food stuffs for a great weekend. Even though it takes quite a bit of time on my part, I really love everything about freshly made meals. It does my heart good to eat the best foods, but it also touches my soul. When I know that I am voting with my food dollars to support people whom share the same values about food as I do.

I know. This bread loaf doesn’t look as nice as from the bakery. I constantly struggle to get the dough to rise to my expectations. To be fair, I don’t have enough practice. But what smells better than freshly baked bread?

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