Tomato whisperer

I’ve really done it this time. Of the 288 seedings that I planted in March, I transplanted almost 25% of them today, all tomato plants. Even for me, the woman who once grew over 200 pounds, this is a bit much.

Here is how it breaks down:

  • Peron 4
  • Oregon spring 7
  • Prudens purple 1
  • Yellow Roma 6
  • Persimmon 2
  • Tan 2
  • Pink grapefruit 6
  • Rocket 6
  • Black krim 6
  • Brandy wine 5
I am particularly proud of the black krim. Those are from seed that I saved over 2 years ago. And those plants look the best of them all. Not too leggy, no yellow leaves, not drooping over.
Last week before I left for Oslo, I should have transplanted my babies into the greenhouse. I thought that my family could water while I was gone. But my daughter confessed that the plants got pretty dry, hence the yellow leaves.
But, as the list above can confirm, I can afford to lose a few plants. I do not have enough room for even 1 of each variety. So I will have to find other places in my garden and other gardens in general to adopt some seedlings.
And another year of growing tomatoes on the Coast is underway. Beyond hoping for enough sunshine, not too much moisture on the leaves, blossom end rot and blight, a good crop is a sure thing.
The life of a farmer.

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