Find a happy place

It has been one of those weeks.

Over the past year, this blog has been my refuge, my happy place. The thoughts that I record here are (for the most part), good, happy, uplifting and generally meant to generate good feelings. But I couldn’t scrape together anything over the past 5 days. More often my mind was racing, desperately trying to avoid crying in public over whatever challenge was being thrown my way.

There was the grocery list, frantically put together whilst watching my son play ball hockey. Then the list was not retrievable from my iPad at the store and I had to try to recall everything on it, like a twisted memory game. I really had to resist screaming at the moment I realized the list was gone. In fairness to me, I had been home less than a full day and was suffering pretty bad jet lag, no wonder sleep deprivation is used as a torture technique. And I was running zone defence. My wing man in this game of raising kids was AWOL and our usual play of man-to-man was not happening.

My daughter whom already has a general aversion to most food and is extremely thin, got a dental appliance that makes chewing painful and unpleasant. So we are trying to balance the need to get proper nutrition in the form of soups that she generally hates, with letting her eat yogurt and drink smoothies for the next 6 weeks. This twist makes an already tricky task, (getting her to eat), even more difficult. I am pinning my hopes on a new book I have picked up, called – “French Kids Eat Everything“.

It would have been helpful to remember the famous words of Frank Costanza as he yelled, “Serenity Now!” What made that so funny was that he was yelling a mantra that was meant to be spoken in a quiet soothing tone in an effort to lower his blood pressure. It is always comforting to think, at least I am not as bad as that.

But my favourite calming thought is from the sea star in the movie, “Finding Nemo”. When Darla is banging on the outside of the aquarium and the sea star is starting to be knocked off the glass, she says, “Find a happy place”, over and over again.

Whatever works.

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