Summer will come

You can feel it in the air. There has been a shift in the overall temperature. No more teasing now.

Unlike the rest of North America, we have had a long steady winter. Lots of snow in the mountains, cold and damp up until a week ago. We really were beginning to feel this winter may never end.

And then there is that one day, when the scale tips. No matter how many days ahead will not be “nice”, the trend is sliding towards favourable conditions and I like it.

Last night I spent a good 30 minutes watering in my greenhouse where a bunch of different herbs and veggies are in various stages of growth. I like to watch the water seep down around the plants and smell the oils from the leaves of each one. I imagine the new and vigorous growth to come. And eventually the tasty harvest.

“Did you ever stop to think, and forget to start again?” ¬† ~Winnie the Pooh

Time to think, (and keep thinking), is one of the things I like about summer and having a garden. There is a good amount of time spent weeding and watering and thinking. I think these kinds of activities are what our modern brains need. Easy mechanical tasks that allow your muscles to develop and your brain to wander over and work on more significant thoughts.

And summer is when you truly can stop and smell the roses, for that is when they come into bloom. Or notice the other types of flowers as they have their days in the sun.

This sea of cherry blossoms lasted for only a couple of days before they faded and then turned brown. If you don’t sop and notice, you just miss these great sights.

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