Lucky I am not living off the produce from my garden. Not that I think you can actually live off a single harvest of anything like asparagus, anyway. Last count is 4 toothpick thin spears, that I don’t dare cut. The new asparagus patch has fallen to next years list of garden chores.

Lucky #2 is that we live in an area of great produce selection from local sources. So I made this fantastic salad the other night from fresh asparagus and my home-made cheese.

Lucky #3 is that I planted an early crop of radishes. April 1st the seeds for these babies went into hanging pots in my greenhouse. Tonight we enjoyed these at dinner.

Lucky #4 is the fantastic supply of perennial herbs I have growing in my front yard. I felt like making a marinade for steak with lots of herbs, garlic and roasted chillies.

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