I went to a bookstore and asked the saleswoman, “Where’s the self-help section?” She said if she told me, it would defeat the purpose.   ~George Carlin

It is interesting to think the your purpose will affect the outcome. Here are a few examples:

  1. Flying – no matter how much you repeat the mantra, “Miracle of human flight”, the overnight flight to Europe is a drag if you are doing for work. But, imagine you are alighting the doorway of a 777 with your loved ones for a fun-filled vacation, all expenses paid?
  2. Digging dirt – is a back-breaking task that represents the ultimate in mindless drudgery. But, digging into rich soil and preparing it for plantings that are beautiful or will produce wonderful food, (or both), is a wonderful job that I look forward to.
  3. Washing dishes – yucky, stinky, slimy, gross, is how I would have described this, every time my name came up in the ritual “draw” at my parents dinner table. But, what about the time to have a nice, quiet think? And if others have caught onto the thinking bit, what about the time to have a nice quiet chat with people whom you love?
  4. Grocery shopping – the novelty of shopping for entertainment wore off some time ago. This can be viewed as a rather routine job that just about anyone could do. But, if you have spent a couple of hours very carefully planning out your week of menu’s using multiple cookbooks, would you trust the procurement of the supplies to just anyone? The sourcing of the perfect tomatoes, the wonder about what will be available, local and in-season from the farmers market, these are pleasures.
  5. Commuting – this is akin to wasting time and who in their right mind would consciously do this? When you look around you at all the other drivers in all the other cars, you wonder, have we all gone crazy? But, you can slip in an audio CD and your mind moves into a space of learning and entertainment. In a weird way, you begin to look forward to the drive. (The library lets you borrow all this content for free! My library system even lets you request titles from all other branches and transfer it into my location, for free!)

Next time you find yourself cursing under your breath about how bad something is, (I do this all the time), try to turn that energy towards the positive. You might say, “Well what if my plane ride is always for work?” That is when we must turn to that amazing human ability called imagination. It is available anytime you call on it and it is free.

2 thoughts on “Purpose

  1. Dishes will never be fun. The only thing I think about is how many more until the last one.

    I like the George Carlin quote. I saw him perform less than a year before he died. Still put on a great show. I am surprised at how many people do not know who this legend is…

    • Well it would be challenging to create a titillating thought about dishes.

      It is good to hear that legends like George Carlin live on. It is such a shame when the great ones are displaced in the minds of the young by those that are like them, younger.

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