Pouring rain

On the Canadian West Coast, there is a rainforest. It stretches: West to the Pacific Ocean; North towards the boreal forest, arctic tundra and wetlands; South to the dry forests and steppes of California; East to the crest of the Coast Mountains; and up mountain slopes to alpine tundra and glaciers.

Parks Canada even lists a “recipe” for a rainforest:

  • Rain, and lots of it (or other precipitation, i.e. snow, drizzle, mist, fog….). The area must receive a minimum of 250cm of moisture (100 inches) per year.
  • Our moist maritime climate keeps the landscape wet most of the year, giving us an annual precipitation of about 300cm (120 inches).
  • Forest (Without trees we might have grasslands, but it wouldn’t be rainforest).

Normally, we get this rain all winter long. While our fellow Canadians are freezing with cold and snow, we are watching the rain feed our trees and fill up our reservoirs.

May and June are supposed to be the time of variable conditions. Precipitation is meant to be half of February. According to the statistics we are running a little high, but nothing like February.

So why does it feel like we are in the depths of winter? Sure the temperature is milder. And yes, there is more daylight, even if it is filtered through the dark rain clouds. There are also plants growing that normally do not in the winter.

My front yard, looking through the fig tree

However, it is a fact, if you ask someone how they feel when it is raining, their answer will be diminished, their mood will be darker.

It was pouring with rain this morning. While I lay in bed listening to the sound of it, I wondered when we would have another sunny morning? But, the fact still remains that today is Friday. Time to curl up with a book or knitting tonight and let the kids watch a movie or play video games. These are the rainy day activities that you don’t get to do when it is sunny all the time.

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