Creating warmth

Knitters like me have to work really far ahead. In the magazine stand, some of the knitting glossies are already on display for autumn 2012. My target completion is definitely autumn, it is more a question of what year, 2012 might come too soon.

I knit in fits and starts. In fact, I finish very little. And what I do complete, never looks like it is supposed to. (Mostly due to the major mistakes that I make.)

So I have become a completion expert. In our house, that title goes to the one who actually doesn’t finish projects, rather than the person who does.

Off the top of my head, I can think of a hat that is in progress and looks nothing like the pattern photo. A möbius loop scarf that was far too small, completed anyway. And my beautiful scalloped scarf that I ran out of yarn after sizing up the needles due to the test swatch. Then there is the unfinished wool tank top that I forgot to decrease around the neck edge. That ones looks like one of my first sewing projects.

And that is how I need to think of these things. It takes time and practice to become skilled. I am confident that this sweater will keep me warm. I’m not sure if I’ll wear it out of the house, it may even go to the cabin and stay there. But no matter, each project builds my skills. (If nothing else than a better understanding of the crazy, illogical wording of knitting patterns.)

Sweater front

2 thoughts on “Creating warmth

    • I have now finished the neck opening, I even have 20 stitches on a holder! It is really starting to look like a sweater now. I love the colours and the hefty weight of it. If I keep it up, I’ll be done in time for 30+ degrees at the cabin!

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