The commute

Every day that I commute into my office in Richmond, I go right past the Richmond Farmers Market. Not much going on there through the winter months, just a promise with the signs of the future bounty to come.

But as the months of early Spring have clicked over, I have started to notice the signs announcing the arrival of local fresh goodies. Today I got the first strawberries, compari hot-house tomatoes, garlic and garlic scapes. Throw in a loaf of Terra Bread, add a few things from the fridge and dinner was done.

The most complicated thing I made was the cheese. Today, we used white wine vinegar instead of lemon juice. That is the royal “we”. My daughter had a strong opinion what type of acid was to be used and then she didn’t even try the finished product. (Aghh she is a piece of work). Anyway, I added basil, salt and olive oil.

When I laid everything out on the table, my son put his plate together without hesitation. White bean/pasta on the bottom, then bruschetta and topped with cheese. Bread on the side. Then he watched everything closely because he was determined to have the exact same thing tomorrow in his lunch. No one was allowed to take too much.

Every day for the past 3 months, I have meant to stop in at this market. I drive right by and think, “yes I should go there today”. I would rationalize that maybe the selection was just average. Nothing I couldn’t get from my local market. However, to my amazement, this market has a little of everything. Things that I could not identify even. What a treasure, and I drive by it every day.

 See my March 18, 2012 post called “Making Cheese

P.S. – my husband will read this tonight and wonder how I neglected to mention the rather dramatic car troubles that I had today on “the commute”. Let’s just say, it was not exactly what I call, “the good stuff.”

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