Getting old

What on earth is good about getting old? I suppose it depends on your perspective. Who can remember what life was like before we had all the pre-selected, limited choices we have today? Remember when you had to walk or ride your bike everywhere? Even your phone privileges were limited. Now we jump in our cars and talk on our smart phones at will.

My daughter can’t wait for the day that she can get her ears pierced and wear “real”, high-heeled shoes. (No wonder her first word was shoe). And eat whatever she wants. These notions represent the perfect life we adults have and she does not.

I like the feeling of being older when it comes to making decisions. In many ways, I feel more sure of myself, like there is some pool of wisdom I can now draw from. I feel more calm, most of the time. Which for me, is a major accomplishment.

And one of the ways that I look the part is by wearing my glasses. I only need them to see distance. And even then, mostly I use them for driving or watching a movie. In fact, I really need bifocals to watch a movie and knit at the same time. But, I’m not ready to concede to being that age yet.

When the adults get older, so do the kids. My son and I had a really nice Japanese dinner tonight. He ordered everything, using all the correct words and pronunciation. We made small talk, as people do. He had some juicy details about the grade 7 graduation that took place the evening before. Who was crying and why.


I clearly remember feeding this same boy, bits of rice from my chopsticks while he eagerly opened his baby bird mouth for the next bite. How 10 years can fly by in an instant.

So what is good about getting old is that all these experiences have happened, they were lovely and they are mine to remember whenever I want.

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