Seemed like a good idea

What would you do with 3 lbs of small onions? Well for 89 cents, I was going to figure something out.

I shouldn’t do things like that. My husband doesn’t even like onions, where is my brother-in-law at a time like this? He loves onions. Just having the big bag of them, look back at me every time I open the fridge door and ask, “what are you doing? why aren’t you taking me out of the fridge yet? you realize we will not keep forever in here?”

The good thing about waking up to another rainy day is time to do more inside stuff, like process onions. I found a recipe in a cookbook borrowed from the library, calling for 1 1/2 pounds and then I just caramelized the rest.

Cutting into that many onions, did not leave a dry eye in my kitchen. Good way to clean out the sinuses. My daughter also takes a weird pleasure in watching me cry.

This reminded me of a time at the Steveston Marina when a 20 pound bag of shrimp seemed like a really good idea. No need to buck up for the rather small bag of peeled ones, we were going to live like the West Coasters do. Good thing we had other things to eat, because the yield for 6 of us eating, was rather small. My husband just smiled as he thought we should spring for the peeled shrimp. “There is a reason that the word shrimp means small”.

2 thoughts on “Seemed like a good idea

  1. lol! Sounds like something my mom would do. When something is on sale she buys a million of it even if we don’t need it. Cute little story and I love onions 🙂

    • Yep, I have become that age of woman. There was a time when I would never have even looked at the bulk produce on sale, back in the corner of the store. Most days I do stop myself from buying way too much of that stuff. I always have ideas about what can be done with it, but presently, I am super short on time.

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