Family BBQ

Sunday, we attended the first big family summer barbeque. It was for my daughter’s friends birthday celebration. Like we need a reason to get together, eat and have a few drinks. Well maybe we do.

The weather was perfect, so our hosts put up a pool and a trampoline. The kids had free rein to swim, splash, jump and attack each other with water guns at will. Each kid got to play as long as their family stayed. In our case, that was midnight. We don’t like to leave early, its only polite.

As the evening progressed, our host brought out a bottle of Absinthe they had purchased in Europe. There was talk of what this was like to drink. Then there was a head count of who was going to enjoy a sample. I braced myself for what was to come. The minutes dragged on, children complained of being hungry and tired, my daughter had long since fallen asleep on a couch. Then it was decided it was time to get the kids home to bed.

Whew, dodged a bullet. Given how many beverages I had already enjoyed that evening, I might not have handled this kind of nightcap too well. Maybe next time.

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