New beginnings

There is nothing like the feel of starting a new project.

First the supplies must be gathered or bought. I was probably the only kid on the block that loved buying school supplies. They represented the clean slate that was the early days back at school. Before the grind set in.

Today, there was a quest for yarn. My Aunt was the one with 2 patterns, but I was the one that ended up with 2 new projects in the shopping cart. That is a serious shopping trip when you need a really big container to wheel your purchases around in. Finally, my Aunt came through and got her project sorted.

Then we blitzed back home to start. You cannot stop us when we are on a mission like that.

My sister ended up needing a project, so she took one of mine. Which is just as well, because my husband informed me, I have a box of yarn that came in the mail. I can’t be sure, but there may be 3 or more new projects there as well.

My whole family has come together to help with one member who had an accident. In a brief respite today, it was so much fun to honour the tradition of this age-old handicraft. It is believed to date back to the first millennium AD, and was mostly done by men.

As we casted on the first stitches and began watching the rows fall down off the needles, we thought of our ancestors, who were great knitters. It was fun to think that they may have been watching over us tonight, helping guide our hands with steady purpose.

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