Your lens

Keeping with the theme of photography, and in honour of the online course I am taking, I was thinking about how people view the world around them. Your lens, or your filter is an important part of how we experience life.

My course is called, eyesopen creative photography. I like the idea of keeping your eyes open. If you learn a few new skills and then keep your mind open, it is amazing what you can see. I think your mind puts a bunch of filters in place just by habit.

Sometimes it takes a catalyst to break everything open. If that happens, the view can be so amazing that you wish it had happened sooner.

Conversely, I think the people who view the world with rose-colored glasses, have an advantage. They maybe have a lens that lets the more unpleasant bits of life fall away from view.

Practically speaking, all I can do with the personality I have is to give my lens a good clean and frame my life with positive people and experiences.

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