Thunder Rolls

Alberta is a province in Canada that receives a fair number of summer storms. Which seems a bit unfair. It is not like this area doesn’t have extreme winter weather as well. Driving winds, extreme temperature swings combined with massive precipitation, wait – I might be describing summer as easily as winter!

I grew up with this kind of thing. I knew the famous line, “If you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes and it will change.” But my children do not experience this until they travel for summer vacation. Every year it almost seems new to them, a kind of novelty that they taste, enjoy and then pack away in their memory banks.

However, no amount of past experience can prepare you for the next great thunderstorm. My family was lucky not to be enjoying the cabin when an intense storm came through with hurricane winds and tornado like destructive power. Trees were uprooted in the resort, properties were damaged and for those that experienced it first hand, frightening reports about what mother natures can do in an instant.

In the calm that immediately follows these storms, damage is assessed. For the family cabin, it was nothing short of amazing. An overgrown poplar had sheered off and crumbled in 2 pieces, laying down the driveway in a neat path just like a fly line being cast out from a fishing rod. The crushing weight took down the mast for the electrical lines, but missed the sheds and bikes on one side and the camper trailers on the other. It could have been so much worse.

So Friday night, when the thunder rolled through the valley, my son hightailed it out of the trailer he was sleeping in and spent the rest of the night in the cabin. He wasn’t taking any chances. I didn’t hear a thing, tucked under the peak of the roof dreaming away the last few hours of slumber.

I am at the midway point for the number of years in my life I have lived away from my birth home here in Alberta. Even as I pass that milestone, there is a part of me that has never left and can always feel at home, even during the storms.

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