Increasing stash

For those of you that are already well established knitters, you know what the word “stash” refers to. I would classify myself as an over-confident beginner. But, I still have managed to acquire an impressive stash. And that is by chance, purchasing bits from here and there, mixed with the ever-present leftovers. I think yarn pattern designers are the same breed as sewing pattern makers, always having you buy too much for what you really need. (I have made patterns and markers professionally and there is no need to have a meter leftover, but I digress.)

Yesterday, I went to mecca. As I said, I’m really a novice and my buying has been focused on yarn that is not that great. So I finally made it to a proper yarn store. Gina Brown’s in Calgary, Alberta – awesome! My Aunt frequents this store and always has the most interesting projects on the go. You noticed the use of plural, like reading, she has a multitude of choices to pick up that suit her mood. I do that too, maybe it runs in families, or maybe we are kindred spirits regardless.

Gina Brown was a person, and it turns out her grand-daughter has a store in Vancouver, yeah! That is relatively close to me, so my stash may really start to grow now. Last night I was thinking about a new organization system to hold it all. I suppose that is when you know you have a problem. Like my fabric stash, I just can’t seem to help myself. I like the colors, the textures, the feeling I get when I look at it and imagine what could be done with it.

My husband called me a few days ago as he was leaving our house and asked if I wanted him to bring the box of yarn that had come in the mail. I said no. What can be more fun that having a look at the yarn that you bought online? It is like Christmas! (Maybe better, because it is exactly what you wanted!)

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