It has been a long day so far. Is it day or night? Depends on the timezone. I started out Saturday evening in the Pacific Time Zone. 11 hours later puts me well into Sunday at the true centre of it all, GMT in London. (sorry Toronto, you are not the centre of the universe).

Then, 5 hours in terminal three at Heathrow airport, seems like a sentence. In fact, I rarely have these long layovers. Air Canada is usually on time, and although the connection can be tight, this is the first time I missed it. So tuck in for a wait.

Maybe as I was packing I knew this might happen, so I threw into my carry-on, a super easy knitting project. Socks. My Aunt suggested it for flying, as the project is small and easy to do. In my present state of mind, I need easy, repetitive, soothing. While I am putting in all this effort, notice I did not say fast as one of my knitting qualities, why not use an amazing yarn? 30% alpaca and 70% acrylic, creates a really soft and lovely hand feel. Pretty sure these babies won’t wear all that well, but could be great to wear when I take a break and put my feet up.

2 more hours on the layover, 2 hours to landing in Oslo, luggage, train transfer, short taxi ride for another hour. If I don’t drop off to sleep, which is entirely possible, maybe I’ll have something that resembles a sock before bed tonight.


Oh I can’t complain. For the fiasco of showing, in the SAS computer, that I had boarded a flight and was at the moment of discussion already en route to Oslo, I was awarded a business class seat. In North America, a 2 hour flight in business is nice, mainly for the roomy seat. On SAS, no such luck. But the meal. Let me say that by European standards this may not warrant a description. But for me, what a joy!

The hot portion was a perfectly prepared boneless, not skinless chicken piece, probably thigh, so some wonderful dark meat in here. Paired with 3 el dente asparagus, that were recently fresh, not frozen. Rounded out with a chunky, rich tomato chutney. On the platter was a single sea scallop, seared, chilled and a sprig of dill. To finish, 2 large pieces of firm cheese with a lovely fig jam. And I popped the organic dark chocolate mini bar in my purse for later.

Seriously, that was worth every minute of waiting in the lounge at Heathrow to sort out my ticket.

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