As the daylight hours continue to shorten and the summer’s heat begins to fade, my thoughts turn to the cozy comforts of fall. I can’t believe I just wrote that!

Summer didn’t arrive here on the Coast until I had already left for Calgary. All through June, I think we still had the heater on at night. I promised myself to treasure every sunny moment of this summer and never complain about heat again.

I’m not tired of the sun or the heat. There was a day at the cottage where the kitchen must have been a thousand degrees and the sweat just poured off your body for standing there. Even then, I just marvelled at how quickly a person might overheat if they were not drinking icy cold beverages.

So it must be something about the tilt of the sun that sends a signal for us Northerners. My son commented yesterday about longing for the deeply satisfying winter stews. That comment, as I am in the throes of the summer harvest. But I did find myself longing for the roasts that stew all day in the slow cooker, while at the grocery store yesterday.

For now, I have completed my cozy alpaca socks. That will have to hold me over until the weather really begins to turn. Which could be a lovely 6 more weeks. One can hope!

4 thoughts on “Cozy

  1. Margie says:

    It was hot at the cabin again last week-end. Strange weather this summer.
    It made me sad that it was dark by 9 PM, and that all the family wasn’t there and we didn’t really have the summer holiday we had all hoped we would have.

    • We never know for sure what we are going to get. That goes for weather and for relationships, I suppose. The trick is to be appreciate what we have. There is a silver lining in this, we just can’t see it yet.

  2. Barb Westermark says:

    The summer was not quite what we planned, but I do see the silver lining. Appreciate what we have, because you never know what might happen tomorrow. Enjoy the people around you, especially family when they are near. Knitting at the beach. Kids playing happily together. Learning to make cheese. Laughter in a hospital. The sound and feel of a well hit golf ball. Content kids with a fishing rod in their hand. Having our guy to crawl into bed next to at the end of the day. Naps in the hammock. Having someone to share a new hobby with. Modern Family. This will be a summer to remember for many reasons!

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