And so it begins, or ends, depending on how you look at it. After all the hard work of planting, tending, weeding and watering the harvest begins to roll in. Thankfully, not all at once, for the work is not yet over. Now the washing, cooking and processing phase.

From my garden, the figs, potatoes and apples. Just a few apples that fell to the ground, not great to look at, so I made a pie.

Everything else is local to Mary’s Garden or out to the Okanagan. Not exactly a 100 mile diet, but much better than bringing all this up from California and Mexico. (I realize that coffee is not grown there, but Hazelmere Organic Coffee processes the beans, just down the road from us.)

As you can see from the quantity, I got a little carried away in my buying. This all has to be eaten as is or turned into something or otherwise put up for storage. Most of this cannot keep for long. This weekend will be busy.

Garlic, how wonderful does this look? Compare that to the stuff that comes all the way from China!

Back in March I planted these potatoes. Just the fingerlings. The purple ones produce seed and spread out further through the garden every year.

My fig tree, started out as a baby, maybe 4 feet tall. Now she has spread out across the whole side of the house casting an impressive amount of shade with her floppy big leaves. The fruit is 2 inches across, massive in size when compared with commercially produced varieties.

This is the best time of year to be a gardener and to live in a part of the world with a nice long season.

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