Early adopter

I was reading the blog for the David Suzuki Foundation the other day. In an article about fracking, there was a mention about how important it is to reduce our consumption of fossil fuels. As a regular consumer, my mind always goes first to my car. That is not really correct, my use of airplanes consumes way more fuel and therefore produces more than my share of carbon. But thinking of a new car is always fun.

So I did a quick search on full plug-in electric cars. Here on the Coast our electricity is almost completely generated by hydro-electric dams. So in essence, it is a rather clean source of energy. But, alas, full plug-in cars are extremely expensive, if you can find them ala Ford Focus Electric, or so ugly who would want them, Nissan Leaf. On top of it all, the Ford Focus Electric is $42K here in Canada, really? That is a truly serious early adopter who will throw down for that sticker price.

My husband works for a company that makes large format lithium-ion batteries for heavy industry, so he knows a few things about battery technology, which is the driving force of electric vehicles. (All puns intended). Anyway, he suggested I look at the used market in the USA for a Tesla, if I’m looking to spend that much money.

I was sure that, even used, a Tesla was going to be way out of reach. And most of them are. But I came across an ad for $45K – used 2010 Tesla Roadster. I checked through it carefully, no outward reason why this car was so cheap, (relatively speaking). I have to admit, I got a little excited at this point. My husband thought that maybe the guy just needs the cash and has to sell. We discussed all the ways that owning, what is considered to be a super car, would be so fun. We were spending money, that we technically don’t have, (but that is the point of dreaming).

Then my husband said wait – it could be the battery pack. And the dream balloon was popped as quickly as it floated to life. We are not really in the market for a super car anyway. And I think the point of the David Suzuki article was to take the bus, not buy a different car. And we are not early adopters.

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