Peace and quiet

I have the rare opportunity this Friday evening to watch the sunset over midtown Manhattan. I’m by myself, on the 41st floor of the W Hotel. I’m kicking back, reading a book and sipping a cool drink.

But New York City can’t really be described as quiet. There is the constant horns, pretty much day and night. The city is a pulsing throng of humanity, both strange and wonderful. There is a energy here that can’t be described. It has to be experienced.

And here is where I find myself for a few blissful hours of quality time, just with myself. So while not quiet in the usual sense, a quietening of my usual responsibilities, nonetheless.

There have been a few times, here in NYC over the years where I look out over the buildings and have some interesting thoughts. Like how did the girl from Alberta who dreamed of this very thing, actually end up here? And now, as I am older I understand how it happened. A healthy mix of hard work, determination and a little luck.

So I sit tonight and drink in the sounds and sights of the city, here in my little oasis.


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