Every six months, my daughter and I go through a strange ritual with our clothes. The exact timing is approximate. In Spring the days need to feel generally warm enough and in the Fall we base the changeover with the coming of the fog and rain.

2012 has been a real pain. The days didn’t feel particularly warm to me throughout June, even early July was windy and cool. (It is not just my advancing age, everyone thought the same). So my summer wardrobe was not even worn until I arrived in Alberta for summer holidays. Now as we stare down into the steadily approaching dark days of winter, the sun continues to shine. I am looking out the window this morning, the sky is blue and the forecast is for low 20’s celsius. While I don’t want to wear shorts, (although I did pop a pair on for a few hours yesterday afternoon, it was that warm), I can’t commit to long sleeves either.

So our bins marked, “seasonal clothes”, stand at the ready. The obvious no-no’s are clean and piled on top, white shorts and capri’s. Both my daughter and I have opened and dipped into the winter stash, lighter weight long sleeve tees, maybe a 3/4 length tee, and a light sweater. The overall effect is quite messy looking and you have to walk around the bins and shove them aside to vacuum, etc. My husband does not like this time of year and can’t understand why we just can’t change everything out in a few hours work. He suspects we are a bit lazy.

While that may be true in regards to a bunch of other things, it is not the case here. Clothes and the outfits we build to wear each day are a reflection of ourselves. The mood we are in, the look we are going after, our overall projection of our personality. At the most basic the look of the day is boringly appropriate, those combinations we have put together so many times before. But we have those days of inspiration, where we are trying on a new idea, a twist on an old classic, or a whole new outfit and we feel really special. Those feelings carry through the whole day. So you can’t just throw on any old thing and run out the door.

Adding to our complication this season is our Mexico vacation. We are going for 3 weeks and I have mentioned to my daughter that the summer pack up should be organized into 2 parts, what goes to Mexico on the top and the rest on the bottom. She thinks I am going a bit too far. She is not ready to pack for that trip now.

However it will be done today, it is time. My husband shoved my bins right in front of my side of the closet doors this morning. A clear sign of his growing level of appreciation to this whole affair. The bins with our summer treasures will head off to the storage locker until we rescue some of them for a short respite in Mexico. The long winter slumber for the rest until we spring them sometime in early May?

P.S. – If you are interested in how this is done, check out these 2 blogs:

4 thoughts on “Changeover

  1. Dodging Acorns says:

    Men seriously do not understand the work or the joy involved in the seasonal changeover of clothing. Parsing through the forgotten sweaters, pulling out those tall boots for that first fall day. Discovering a great summer skirt you forgot you had, or that didn’t quite fit last year. So much fun…. for me anyway!

    • I know! It is really a labor of love. I have actually been looking forward to those tall boot days. And then getting to wear summer clothes at Christmas in Mexico while everyone back home will be sweaters!

      • It sure is. Since we don’t do it every year, rather every 3 to 5 years, we are taking a longer one this time. Just so everyone gets to do everything they want a couple of times and we don’t feel rushed. Can’t wait.

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