Bliss and airports?

I was heading out on a trip recently, making my way through YVR and my regular routine. Arrive early. No hassles or stress getting through security, flying domestic to Calgary. Cruise over to the Air Canada departures lounge and pick up the Globe and Mail. In the Life & Arts section, there is usually an essay that I like. And on this day, I was not disappointed. “Blissed out at the airport“, by Julia Macleod, caught my attention.

Emily Flake for the Globe and Mail

Can the 2 opposing ideas of bliss and airports exist in the same space? I had to find out. It was such a great article, I cut it out of the newspaper and brought it home. (No, I’m not a hundred, yet). But there is something about asking someone else to read something and handing it to them. Not an email with a link that has to be followed, but “real” paper.

There is something very comforting about being in a public space, but being alone. Unless you happen to run into someone you know by chance, you are anonymous. I like that. Other people can look at you, and even have a passing thought about you, but I will never know, and that is great.

At the time that I was having all these happy thoughts about airports, everything in my travel plans was running smoothly. No delays, no missed connections. That would be for another day, when bliss and airports were not on the same planet.

Incidentally, if you were to pick the top 3 airports to have an extended stay in, which would they be? (and why?)

  1. Honolulu – easy. Either you are coming or going from a trip to the Hawaiian Islands. There is free wi-fi, lots of eating and shopping and the air is fresh. There are plants in the terminal that are living in an open air situation.
  2. Schiphol in Amsterdam. Good eating and shopping, hopefully you are en route to some kind of fun adventure in Europe.
  3. Hong Kong – the Star Alliance departure lounge. Massage chairs and a full Asian buffet, say no more.

One thought on “Bliss and airports?

  1. Margie says:

    Oddly enough, I used to enjoy Heathrow. I usually had a ten hour layover which gave me enough time for a quick trip into London to visit some of my old haunts.

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