Years ago, when I moved from a small town in Alberta to the big city of Calgary, I first experienced a big library. My Aunt would take me, and she would use this big box to cart her books back and forth. You could take out something like a hundred different books, which seemed like having the keys to the kingdom. (How could you even deal with 10 books?)

But my Aunt was teaching her kids to be readers. They would take a world of fun, fantasy, fiction and photo’s, home for a 3 week stay. I would marvel at the seeming decadence of it all.

Now, as I have grown up and have children of my own, we do the same thing. Although we use rain proof bags, instead of a box. And my kids have their own cards, they can even manage the automated check out machines by themselves. No more filling out the cards in the little envelopes. No peeking to see, “who else took this book out?”

Today was a very dark and rainy day, perfect for the library. I found a great instruction book for crochet. (If I am ever to finish the shawl, I must learn to crochet). Then for the upcoming trip to Mexico, “Gringo’s in Paradise”. A new book on CD for the drive back and forth to work. And a picture tour of Fiji. Not that far beyond Hawaii…maybe the next sun vacation?

And that’s how it goes. You never know what you will find at the library. As you cruise the aisles and smell the paper and imagine the world you will find behind the front cover.

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