Estimated time remaining. Usually refers to the “life” remaining in a battery or powered device. But what about a human life? What would we do if we knew how many years, months, days or even hours we had left in our life?

Too often, we wake up to this idea when crisis occurs. A loved one falls ill, or has an accident, but recovers. We think, “that was a close call”. We vow to live life more fully, not take people for granted. We try, for a spell, to be kinder to ourselves and in our relationships. And then somehow, we slip back into our old ways. The habits that have taken a lifetime to form are hard-wired, by now.

Yet, some people figure it out along the way. They do change. They figure out a way to become the kind of people they dreamed they could become, before it is too late. They give back to society, more than they take. They leave the world a better place.

These people are all around us. They are heroes that I wish the public at large would hold up as examples to our children. Not hockey players, not pop singers, not movie stars. The real heroes in this life, help us become better people, if we take the time to listen. If we quiet our minds to the chatter of popular media, filter through the sound bites, they are there. Patiently going about their work.

My list of influences for whatever time I have left, are interesting. In no particular order.

  • Cooks using ingredients that are local and in season
  • Teachers who encourage critical thinking and support students to learn in personal ways
  • Authors who write creatively about whatever topics inspire them
  • Anyone who runs a not for profit company
  • Bloggers and other web-based creative folks who bravely put themselves out there on a daily basis
  • The new age pioneers who are creating industrial green alternatives
  • Doctors who practice in health and well-being
  • Policy makers who dare to think differently, can imagine a better world and can sell that vision to completion and implementation
  • Farmers who raise organic livestock and dare to grow organic crops that are suited to the land
  • All the people who encourage and support the ideas, businesses and people above

One thought on “E.T.R.

  1. Margie says:

    I guess we should plan long term, but live short term. At best, our E.T.R. is this single day. There are no guarantees there will be a tomorrow.

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