It is that time of year. Dig out all your account numbers and passwords. Filter through screen after screen of “redeem” offers. Narrow down a list of what your accumulated miles could buy you. Weigh that against cash value. Then make the selections….and press “enter”.

Of course, I wish it were that easy. Theoretically it is, I know. But, it somehow feels like spending money. Maybe even more than money. I have spent a “time value” of my life for each of those miles. That is serious “sweat equity”. All that time, I won’t get back.

But what is money anyway? Just a measure of the time spent working at a job, an amount of cash paid for that service. That time is spent forever as well. Somehow my work hours are a whole lot more fun than the ones spent on an airplane.

However, work for cash, never feels like a Christmas present, no matter how much you love your job. This year my line-up of mile redemptions feels very Christmasy.

  • First up is 8 – $25 iTunes cards. Easy, no brainer, great gifts to give.
  • Second is 2 rooms at the Westin nearby LAX. That is a convoluted story, where my last air miles redemption resulted in an over night stay on the way home. (They get you coming and going)
  • Then there is a thought to get my husband something he really wants – like a 13″ MacBook Air. I have just enough miles for that, and it should arrive just before we leave on Christmas vacation.

Those 3 will clean out my accounts. Back to square one, but it always feels like found money. And who doesn’t like the feeling of putting on a coat in the fall and discovering some cash in the pocket, leftover from last year?

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