Swimsuit shopping

After a certain age of life, even the idea of a swimsuit, let alone shopping for one, is not that appealing. Maybe you have been married for many years and don’t feel the need to publicly expose yourself to that kind of scrutiny. Maybe you don’t even know the last time you focused on training your middle section to calm down and get all flat – back in your spot! There is a certain amount of non-sexy skin that is rippled with stretch marks after having 2 children, (I’m not sure if surgery fixes that, but I’m not going to find out). I could go on, but you get the idea.

The last time I subjected myself to this for a winter holiday was about 9 years ago. My daughter was just a few months old and my son was about 20 months. My in-laws, (angels they are), gave us a respite for 1 week in Mexico. But there was the business about buying swimsuits.

Then, as now, there is 1 chain of stores in Western Canada that will have a decent selection of swimwear during the 8 months of our winter season. (Always feels like 8 months winter and 4 months cold). The destination today was Swimco. Started in 1975, as a mail-order bathing suit supply company in Calgary, it has expanded into stores across Western Canada.

This time, it was different. My daughter, who is now 9 and half,  was in the change room with me picking out a bikini and a one piece. I managed to find a really nice tankini, bikini bottom, cover-up and Sanuk flip-flops. My son was having none of it. My husband picked up some board shorts. I could have spent all day there. I could have spent so much more money than we did.

Just how many suits do you need for 3 weeks in Mexico? It is hard to say. If we run short, we can surely buy more. It will be fun to find out how many days will be spent in a swimwear. That is a basic lifestyle that I could get used to.

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