Local goodies

Recently, I stopped by a local cheese shop and brought home some Poplar Grove Cheese. Along with that, I picked up some Ace Bakery crisps. A wine from Summerhill and I had a nice little snack, all made in Canada.

It is interesting to look around your grocery store, and even farther flung to nearby specialty shops, and source local ingredients and products. Local folks putting their hard work on display, if we just cast an eye to something new.

It is too easy to quickly grab the brand of cheese with the most prominent display. Choose a wine from 3,000 miles (or more away) and crackers – who can tell the difference anyway?

Wouldn’t it be nice if local farmers, artisans and producers got a slight home team advantage? A sign that displays the local flag? Shouldn’t we know who are neighbours are?

Well in this little sampling, we did. And it tasted great.

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