Rite of passage

Like most things these days, we rushed off to the appointment, horribly late. This is not my usual way of approaching commitments. But this week, it sure has been. I am almost becoming accustomed to that horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach that signals I am “that person”. The one who has apologies spilling forth before she even says hello.

The upshot for my daughter was, she had no time to become nervous. She knew what we had planned, but like me, she had completely forgotten.

It was her idea. She had been asking me for the better part of a year. When? Why do I have to wait so long? What about, (run down a list of people) who have them done already?

Once we agreed that the time was right, a date was picked. Then changed a few times. Conflicts with my schedule, (this was not going to be a blue responsibility under any circumstances, according to my husband.) The chosen friend belongs to an even busier family, so changes were made for that. Finally the day and time were set. Then my daughter and I promptly forgot.

When we were racing down to the salon, 30 minutes late, my daughter starting to think about what was going to happen. She still wanted to do it, but the reality of the event was starting to register. More questions and concerns were starting to bubble up. She wished I had done this to her while she was a baby.

According to the women at the salon, the friend was nervous. According to the friend, we didn’t show, so they had to do something else. When they returned, we were still not there, so they left.

My daughter learned a little about Newton’s laws of motion – “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”  Since my daughter was late, the friend had enough time to consider if she really wanted to go through with it. We thought she was going to be a rock.

We ended the day with my daughter getting pierced ears. So it begins, the first of many things she will do to make herself more pretty. This one requiring quite a bit of after care, in order to prevent infection.

My daughter was incredibly proud of herself for going through with it. She loves the effect, as her ears sparkle in the light. She is looking forward to buying earings. I have shown her some, that I will give her from my jewelry box, when the 6 weeks are up.

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