One thing leads to another

It has been an extremely busy week. Getting ready for Christmas when I don’t have any presents to buy should have been easy, but somehow it wasn’t. Just when I thought my work could not have been busier, more was added to my schedule.

Thankfully, as we headed back into the city on Friday night for a corporate Christmas party, it didn’t feel so overwhelming anymore. Just another thing on the list for the week that never wanted to end.

Needless to say, I made no progress on my knitting projects. Which kind of leaves me a bit restless. So what should I do in a case like that? Start another project? I know, it is a sickness.

We arrived early to the city on Friday night. I suggested we run by the yarn store, so I could shop for another project I have rolling around in the back of my mind. My husband joked that I might start it when we arrived home from the party. And I did. It is starting to look so nice already!

baby blanket_web

But as I walk around the house, packing, sorting and making mental notes, I notice 2 other projects on the go. In the time it took to start the baby blanket, I could have had my sweater finished.


Then there is the trepidation I feel for winding the merino into balls. The first one took several nights of work because it got tangled up about a third of the way through. Not to mention, I had no idea of what I was doing. I think I have it figured out, but who can say? It is so nice to touch and I can imagine how fantastic it will be to work with.


There is a super bulky scarf started, the matching hat is already done. I don’t even count all the unfinished projects tucked away on the shelf. There is crochet, I have not begun to learn.

And on it goes.

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