Corazón Cafe

Restaurant Review by: Fisher Brown 

Name Corazon Cafe
Address Revolución de 1910 385, Centro
La Paz, Mexico, Baja California Sur
Phone 01 612 128 8985

Corazon cafeHello, my name is Fisher Brown. Today I am going to be writing about Corazón Cafe, a nice little restaurant, about 3 blocks up from the Malecon. The first thing that I noticed when I walked into the restaurant was that it had a very wide variety of music. It had all kinds of music, from English modern pop, to Mexican music. The coolest thing about this restaurant was that it reminded me a lot of a restaurant I went to in San Jose Del Cabo, and was the one and only Cynthia Fresh. The last time I went there, it was very wide and open, and that was very much similar to this Corazón restaurant I went to. Another thing I noticed about Corazón was that they really embraced art. While I was there, I noticed a lot of sculptures. Colored lights lighted up most of them. Now onto my review on the food. I ordered red enchiladas, with cheese, and I think that the food tasted great, but I think it could have used a little bit of meat, maybe some chicken. But the most distinguishable feature of this dish was that most of the cheese was melted on top of the enchiladas. Now my favorite thing about this restaurant was that if you go here with you’re friends, you will get a portrait of you and your friends or your family. In conclusion, this restaurant is one of my favorite restaurants so far. –Fisher

One thought on “Corazón Cafe

  1. babalin says:

    Great review, Fisher. Makes me wish I was there to see the art and to taste the food! We are having Mexican food for Christmas supper tonight!

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