The little things

As we slide through day 6 here in La Paz, Mexico, we begin to notice some of the little things that are different and surprisingly important to us.

One of those little things is recycling. Probably doesn’t sound like much. But a family of 6 people create a huge amount of garbage and waste, if it is all meant for the landfill. Where we are renting a house, there are no recycling facilities and the owner had us throw away beer bottles. That practice dates back to before I was born in the Canadian Province of Alberta. Fast forward to today, it seems shocking. During previous stays, here in the Baja, we collected our bottles and left them for the housekeeping staff to return and get the refund. Now I am beginning to suspect that there are no refunds to be had and that our mountain of bottles just highlights how much we drank.


So given the lack of recycling, it is a bit strange to see 2 different art exhibits in the city, made of plastic bottles. It is a creative use of what would otherwise be thrown away, but for what reason? To bring something to public attention and not have the plan in place, seems strange. But it was not the first time I have not understood the culture and customs here in Mexico.

My husband has been extremely patient about finding a place to buy a micro SIM card for his iPhone. Today, after the second attempt at waiting in the very long line, he had the card and phone number in hand, then the computer system went down. At this point, he has been to countless stores, there are no other options. So, he has to wait some more. Come back later when the computers are working again. No choices, no point in getting angry, it is just one of those things that happens sometimes.

The weather forecast each day shows clouds with sunny breaks. Back home, (in the summer time), that means the clouds will almost completely block the sun and the resulting shade will leave you feeling cold. Not here. It is one of those things, that the high, thin clouds are reported as such, but are only there to relieve the heat slightly. For this little thing, I am eternally grateful. This is just what I had in mind for a proper vacation.

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