un poquito

Directly translated from Spanish it means, “a little”. This is just one of the many useful phrases I have picked up here in Mexico. It is surprising how few words you need to communicate.

However, I am never sure how much was understood. From my side, I think I got the essence, but the other side probably walks away shaking their head, ¡qué disparate!

Today, a municipal, (I think) crew of 2 women came to the house we are renting wanting to investigate if we had standing water. They looked around the house and sprinkled little white pellets into the base of flower pots and the utility sink. They were treated the water for mosquito larvae. For mosquito’s here can carry dengue fever.

For my part, I got out seis, for the number of people living at the house right now. Tres for the number of bedrooms we had, dos persons in each bedroom. That was written on the report.

They laughed when I said, Canada and made a motion of my body as if to shiver. Too cold for dengue fever mosquito’s, or so I thought, as we all had a good laugh about my pantomime skills.

And as we said ¡gracias! and adiós, I got a lesson in the correct pronunciation of poquito. I was, at that moment, very glad I had taken as much of the Rosetta Stone Spanish course as I had. These are lovely people, who seem to accept the challenge of communicating somehow. I watched as they went on to the next house, business as usual.

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