One of our first days down here in Mexico we had a sighting.

My husband came up from the bedrooms one morning and approached my son for a good morning hug. My son noticed something on my husband’s shirt and shrunk away. He could see the tail section of a scorpion rearing up at him – about eye level. My husband thought my son must be joking, but sure enough there it was, flicked to the ground in fear.

bark scorpion

The other observers didn’t see the scorpion and thought the whole thing was a prank. Surely, there was not just a scorpion on my husband. But we all looked to the corner of the patio and saw the scorpion. My father-in-law carefully picked up the trembling little thing and set it free over the edge of the patio. Under normal circumstances, there might have been some observation and nursing back to health. But there were discussions about stomping the insect, so he went back to the wild as quickly as possible.

Further research shows that we probably saw the bark scorpion. Identifiable because of its small size of 3″, yellow colour and thin tail. Because it can climb stucco and only needs only a crack of 1/16 inch, getting into a casita is not difficult.

My husband was the one that was most effected. So he shook out his clothes every time he changed, thinking he would be safe. Then he had another encounter.

This time it was a pair of jeans. As he was buckling the belt, he felt a jab on his upper thigh. He quickly pulled that part of the fabric away from his leg and the thing fell down his pants further and jabbed again. On this went the full length of his leg. His heart was racing as he thought about how many times he had been hit and what this thing might still do as it got caught up around his ankle. But out it popped, onto the floor.

The menacing insect turned out to be a bent piece of wire, used to pry the SIM card from my husband’s iPhone. No scorpion to be seen at that house for the rest of our stay.

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