I’m only a munchkin

2 definitions from the urban dictionary:

  1. Some one who is very small, not necessarily a child, just a small person. Generally used by people bigger than them.
  2. Creepy things from the Wizard of Oz that are either really brightly colored and often bear candy or are seen hanging in the background, if you look carefully.

My kids are in the school production of “The Wizard of Oz.” My son is playing Oz and we have been running lines every night. My daughter is playing a munchkin. One of many. I asked if she had any lines and she said no. We sing and dance.

This morning, there was a rush to get my son off to school, he is in the ski club and has to take all his equipment with him. We forgot one thing, I noticed after I got home, the script. I asked my daughter if she thought he could get another one at school, or if I should run the missing one over? She said, “I don’t know Mom, I’m only a munchkin”.

We always used that term as an endearment towards children. So not only is she playing one in Oz, but she looks just like a cute little person – a munchkin.

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