For me

When the cart comes down the aisle on international flight, offering duty-free shopping, I have become programmed to say, “no thanks”. In fact, only one other time in my life, have I ever bought anything from in flight duty-free and that was a gift for someone else. But yesterday, it was for me.

I’m not sure what possessed me to do this. I don’t normally look at what the catalogues have on offer. I assume to know what will be in there. Mostly booze and perfume. Which, for the most was the case.

However, one item caught my attention, then a free gift was mentioned if $150 or more was spent, and the final present was jewelry I have been wanting for a long time. I filled out the form, my card was swiped and the three treasures were mine.


The 7 Virtues – was the first pick. I had never smelt it before. So pretty crazy to buy. I had always been a Chanel no.5 girl, back when I wore perfume. My purchases were on trips to Hong Kong, as it was too expensive otherwise. But I have not worn perfume at all, in a very long time. Something about, “the organic vetiver of Haiti, grown by Haitian farmers whose country was devastated by the earthquakes in 2010.” And it was only $48 bucks, half of the designer fragrances. I opened it today and I love the scent, truly is perfect for me. It is kind of nice to catch little whiffs of it, now and then as I go about my day.

The Russian Trio Set by Buckley London – is the jewelry I have had my eye on for a very long time. I’ve always liked the idea of the interlocking rings in different colors of gold. The other pieces in the set are an added bonus.

The gift with purchase from Bella Perlina – is very pretty and will make for an extremely special present for my daughters 10th birthday coming up in just under a month. It is probably too nice, but will look very nice with her formal dress.

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