Too many projects?


I wonder if there is such a thing as having too many projects on the go? I spread out all my “not finished”, knitted pieces on the dining room table. It was quite surprising to see just how many there are. They spend most of their time tucked away in little bags, ready to be taken somewhere at a moments notice. They are my security blanket for time spent waiting. I could just play games on my iPad, but I experience enough screen time in a day. Need to give my eyes a rest from all that.


First up is a hat and scarf set using Red Heart Boutique Cosmic. Knits up quickly, (hat is already done), but I’ll never wear it. Color is not my favourite, (consequence of ordering online), and the whole thing is very big and bulky for me. So my enthusiasm to finish this one is waning.


Next is the most wonderful shawl made of Patons Silk Bamboo, that I cannot wait to wear. This needs some crochet, that I do not know how to do. My Mom is going to help me with that next week, so this should be ready to use when the weather gets a schkooch warmer.


This one is a simple sock made with Patons Classic Wool Worsted, where I suddenly learned how to NOT twist the knit stitch, part way through. I think you can see what I mean. I had to teach myself to knit differently, and I did it. Unfortunately, the next sock in the pair will be perfect and this one will be, twisted.


Once you have worked with merino wool, like this Malabrigo Arroyo, you can’t go back! However, this sweater is going to take so long, I’m not sure I will ever finish. The price is in a whole other league, but the feeling of working with the yarn is sublime. Might be what I need to finish this project, a constant cost check.


And finally my second attempt at a super easy pullover sweater. First one had ridiculously long arms and a short body. I’m not sure if I have rectified the problem, we’ll see. I am pretty creative here, working with 2 yarns to bulk up the weight and gives a nice melange effect. Red Heart Eco-Ways recycled blend and Patons Grace.

Truth be known, I have at least one more project on the go, in the back of my closet. Just completely lost the desire to see it finished and the yarn is not nice and I’ll never wear it. Added to this are the projects that I am at the ready to start. Yarn I am itching to cast on.

It is a sickness, I think.

3 thoughts on “Too many projects?

  1. I can completely relate to having so many projects ‘in process’. You’re brave to pull them all out into the light! Mine are tucked away in a closet where I don’t have to admit to them, lol. And with all that I’m itching to cast on another pair of socks and a new sweater pattern I just found. I don’t think you’re alone with your ‘sickness’!

    • In a way, I had to pull them all out, just to see what I had! I am also going away on a ski trip and need to decide which ones to take. I don’t want to finish something, the only one I brought and not have anything else to work on! But I’ll bring 3 or 4, (a new one for sure) and not finish anything. Except maybe, the crochet for the shawl.

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