Buttermilk mystery

I opened my eyes just after 8am this morning. Running through my mental checklist, before getting out of bed:

  • Where am I?
  • What day is it?
  • How do I feel?
  • What do I have to do?

Luckily I was:

  • At home, in my own bed, with my hubby and no children
  • Sunday, yeah!
  • Fine, effects of red wine and beer from the night before, non-existent
  • Have to – nothing, want to – make coffee

So I went to the kitchen and fixed the brew. As I was waiting for the machine to finish, I thought, I should cook off that applewood smoked bacon I have in the fridge. Then as I was waiting for the bacon to finish baking, I thought, I should try to use up some more of that buttermilk. By the time the bacon was done, the oven was turned up and double chocolate pumpkin muffins went in. With 18 more minutes, I washed up most of the dishes and finished setting out breakfast. What started out as making coffee – 5 minutes tops, had turned into an hour and a full family breakfast. And all because of the use-up-buttermilk-before-expiry-date problem.

It is a mystery to me why buttermilk is sold in 1L containers. I end up buying it for one baking recipe, usually calling for 250ml. Then the container rolls around in the back of the fridge until it spoils and has to be poured down the drain in a gross, clumpy and sour mess. And here I was baking again, only to use up another 250ml. Great, in a few days, I’ll only have to pour out half the container, instead of 3/4. What can be done about this?

I turned to google just now, (this is another example of how much I love technology), and it turns out you can freeze buttermilk. People measure off 250ml portions and are ready to bake without timing their baking recipes around the spoil date of the container in the fridge. What a great idea! Really wished I had thought to learn this before. In fact, I may have. Seems like something my Mother might do, but I had probably ignored. Too busy thinking about all the ways I was going to be so different when I grew up. (That is another, much longer story).

Anyway, my little family sat down to eat and we chatted about this and that. Nothing too different from any other day. And then my son mentioned that a Harry Potter marathon was going to be on TV this Friday. So our Good Friday plan was hatched around watching TV, favourite meals eaten together and everyone pitching in to cook. I’m pretty sure we would not have been able to fix this plan if breakfast was lone foraging in the kitchen. So thanks to buttermilk for getting us all together.

Breakfast Counter_web


Here is a link to buttermilk recipes gathered by Sarah who blogs at Pink of Perfection.

6 thoughts on “Buttermilk mystery

  1. Ha Ha – I opened my email to send my fav buttermilk muffin recipe to a friend I had tea with yesterday – to see you blog on same! I always have some buttermilk in the fridge, can find it in 500 ml sizes, don’t worry about the expiry date unless there are green bits – (just shake it up and use it) and often use it as a substitute for yogurt in baking. Also, great base for creamy salad dressing with a little mayo. And the kids only every mistook it for ‘real’ milk – thought it would have taught them not to guzzle milk from the carton with the fridge door open:)

    • One of the kids was very close to drinking the buttermilk the other day. But they are super sensitive to “smelling” the milk before they pour it, so they would not have even poured it into a glass. When they are big enough to man handle a 4L container, it will be a different story, for standing in the doorway of the fridge drinking from the container….

  2. Margie says:

    That’s pretty funny – me having multiple recipes to use up buttermilk! I generally don’t even buy the stuff – if I need buttermilk I make it from milk and vinegar or lemon juice. (This site has recipes: http://www.goodlifeeats.com/2011/03/kitchen-tip-homemade-buttermilk-substitute.html )
    I tried to make Al muffins last Wednesday while he was visiting us here in Rio. Turns out I don’t have a muffin tin, so I made a loaf instead. The next time I used the oven, the bottom oven element started on fire. Now I don’t have an oven – waiting on the element to be shipped here.

  3. Barb Westermark says:

    Ironic…buttermilk is on the grocery list for me today too! Easter dinner for us this year is going to be buttermilk fried chicken on waffles. I had it at Model Milk in Calgary and it was so good. Parker is on a mission to make a pie today to go with it…

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