The Good Life List

This morning my husband and I were discussing my blog. It was a lazy Sunday morning and neither of us had anywhere to go or anything to do. We were snacking on breakfast and sipping coffee. I finally had his undivided attention to ask all the questions I wanted.

But it is not that easy. I can ask all kind of technical questions, but when he gives me the answers, it is like he is speaking a different language. What is the difference between a domain name and a URL? How do I get my own domain name and what should it be? When my husband patiently explains the differences, using my computer and his iPad as the example, my only response is another question. And then he says, “OK so you don’t really understand.”

That was where we started 2 years ago when I started this blog. He promised to help me get it up and running. But when the time came, he claimed to be busy and encouraged me by saying, “you can do it.”

Well, I did figure out most of the basic word press features for myself. My Mom, who operates her own blog, (As I Age) was a better resource. But I am only dipping my toe into the world of word press and what it could do for me. That is a bit of a shame, really.

So today, I jumped into the deep end, (with my husband’s step by step instructions). I got my own domain name and I am running the “pro” version where no advertising should appear. The blog itself has not changed, but I think the line at the top should read

That’s a pretty big deal, because it takes me one step closer to making this blog a reflection of what interests me most. So the timing was perfect. The sun was shinning. The future looks bright.

Look for more tweaks as Spring turns into Summer, and Fall and possibly Winter. It all takes time, of which I am in short supply.

One thought on “The Good Life List

  1. Margie says:

    Congratulations, I think. I don’t understand the benefits of having your own domain, so you’ll have to explain that to me.
    Just an observation of your theme – the photo you put in each post only shows up on the front page – but it doesn’t show up with the post itself. I find that a bit odd, as I always think the two work hand in hand!
    Thanks for pointing to my blog. It is nice that we can share an interest that is also very rewarding.

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