Hand made

The other day I was asked, “why does anyone knit anymore”? The assumption, of course, is that mass market consumer wearing apparel is so inexpensive, the economics of making something yourself doesn’t make sense. Everyone knows that goods produced in foreign lands are cheaper. And therefore, better.

But I think differently. As it turns out, so do many others. However, I am a realist. There are only so many things of which I use everyday that I can make for myself, or even source from another local, small-scale manufacturer.

I think the thrill comes from the hunt. As I learn about new and inventive ways that people are turning back to the basics of local resourcefulness, I am inspired.

  • FOOD – for anyone that has followed this blog, I have written about this so many times, (when I search for “local food” there are 2 pages of references). This is well covered, not just by me, but by a quick google search for your area.
  • SHOWS – Make it! – the handmade revolution. An upbeat experience that gives enlightened shoppers the opportunity to buy directly from Canada’s top artists, crafters and designers! Got Craft? – Vancouver’s largest Indie craft fair.
  • MAKER – Mini Maker Faire Vancouver – Vancouver Maker Foundation is a non-profit committed to building a strong and vibrant community of Makers in the city of Vancouver. Maker Faire – A family friendly festival of invention, creativity and resourcefulness, and a celebration of the Maker movement.
  • CLUBS – Lego club – Connecting adult building in greater Vancouver. West Coast Knitter Guild. Knit Social – Our mandate is to help this community of crafters and artisans grow and become even more closely tight-knit.
  • SHOP – Homesteaders Emporium – A one stop shop for all of your urban homesteading needs. Spool of thread – sewing lounge.
  • INFORMATION – The DIY Daily – searching the web so you don’t have to.

I have to give a personal shout out to my Mom – thank-you for teaching me all this stuff, before it was cool. I may not have appreciated it then, but I sure do now. Back in the eighties, (the height of conspicuous consumption), we were recycling, composting, making our own from whole foods, crafting for fun, gardening for the taste.

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